Darren Ng

Medical doctor – General Practice Registrar with Adelaide To Outback GP Training

Ex- Professional Basketballer

Living and Working in Adelaide

Acadaemic History:

High school – St Peter’s College (Adelaide)

University of Adelaide – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)


Professional Basketball History:
Adelaide 36ers 2002-2008; 2009-2012

Singapore Slingers 2008-2009

Position: Guard
Height: 190cm
DOB: 18/12/83

Runner-up NBL Most Improved Player 07-08

2006 & 2010  Woollacott Medal winner for Central ABA Player of the Year.

Manager: Titan Management

  – Video by Gabriel.

Taking it to the rack - Photo by Francis


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  1. Darren, you’re an inspiration in the way you go about your business as an athlete, student and person. Please keep the blog up to date as I am sure many will follow your career with interest. …. ALL THE BEST for where the future takes you!

  2. Hey Darren, I found your blog through the Slingers Website. Just want to say, not only do you have the coolest blog in Singapore, but possibly in the world..(hehe). But seriously, I saw you and the team play the other night.. it was AWESOME!!! Hope you decide to stay for the long term.

  3. Hmm… found your blog on the slingers webby.
    Great first 2 games yeah~ though the philippines side did get a little rowdy. Hope you’ve settled down pretty well in this little country. (know u, JJ and the guys & gals been chilling out abit, haha). Looking forward to the following games!

  4. Darren, you are the extremely awesome and talented player I have ever seen in chinese ethnic. You have made all the chinese in Singapore proud and definitely all the chinese fans will look forward to you and your fellow members to bring bright future of the Slingers. Good Luck and Keep it up!!

  5. hii darren…like wat brandon mentioned about extremely awesome and talent person, i do agree with him..you are really a wonderful guy…is not usual in my community that a basketball player especially proffesional player can hold a degree from medical school..as we know to be a doctor really need a lot of commitments in their studies..But…you had give us big surprise for being so equal and qualified for both medicine and basketball…i like basketball pretty much..you are really my idol..ha ha…great job man…is really my honour to know you..:p i will always support you…cheers…

  6. I have a question. If you were invited by a school to give a talk on wise career choices, which one would you talk about? Pro basket balling or doctor?

  7. Darren, I’ve known from e internet tat u play piano as well. I really respect ppl like u with multi skills. I’m currently working and studying at e same time. I often feel very hard to balance among job, study, exercise, hobbies, meeting w friends, keeping up w world news, etc. Sometimes, when I get sick physically or emotionally, it gets even worse. Would u like to share w us how u manage all these? Besides having a clear goal in ur mind, do u have a detailed daily schedule tat u follow closely, or u dun need to sleep?

  8. Hillary – I’m not really sure which one I’d talk about, I guess I would talk about both. The real choice is something which you enjoy, and also realistically something that can bring in some income (my opinion anyway).
    @Jenny – it is difficult juggling everything in your life. I am getting around to posting something that I will share about managing and maintaining balance in all that I do, but sorry its so busy right now, I will do it in the near future tho!

  9. Ya..Hope Darren can give us some tips for tat…I just start my working life for about two weeks and i am thinking on to further my study taking MBA part time course.I scare i cant manage well my time between job and study. so really hope to hear fr you soon about tat ya…sure a lot ppls want to learn something from you…something to boost up my mind to make decision on furthering my master study.thanks Darren..:p

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