The Greatest Has Arrived

It’s the dream come true for bball gamers all around the world, a player who has eluded video games since the Lakers vs Celtics brand. And his name is Michael Jordan and the game is NBA 2K11.
I can’t tell you how excited I have been in the lead up to this release as an avid NBA 2K player. Twitter has been crazy with news, even trending in the Twitter search.
I will update this with my thoughts on the game later, but for now all you need to know is GO AND GET THIS GAME!!! Graphically amazing, gameplay amazing, Jordan challenges, classic Jordan teams, updated association AI, it all adds up to the greatest basketball sim ever.


2 responses to “The Greatest Has Arrived

  1. Hey looks awesome man. Glad to know you’re still blogging. Lemme know if you swing by Singapore anytime we must play NBA 2K11 together!

  2. it truly is the best bball game ever!!!! just a shame theres no 1 2 play online in australia. Looks like you got some time 2 play 2k11 hope your healthy soon

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