Bring on the Playoffs – never give up

Having not made the Playoffs last season, now the NBA playoffs have started it’s interesting to see how the intensity picks up once the post-season is in action.

My favourites for the flag were the Cavs, although now with LeBron injured, they may have a bit of trouble getting past a Rondo inspired Celtics. I’d like the Suns or the Spurs to do well as I like their rosters.

In other news, I am continuing work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the emergency department, which has been very enjoyable. The hours are good, the staff are friendly and there is a great atmosphere there. In addition to that, I am preparing for the next NBL season – 5 gym sessions a week which include 2 at FastTwitch have so far been going well with improvements in my vertical. Also playing for the Sabres in the CABL, we are leading the league… it all keeps my plate full.

Till next time.


2 responses to “Bring on the Playoffs – never give up

  1. Saw you at La Trattoria the other night but didn’t want to disturb you. My son Stefan Sturt U/18 boys) is also doing fast twitch and i feel its helping him too. regards, john wright

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