Rough times

Lately, here at the Sixers, it’s been a 4 game losing streak, with three of those after having leads going into the last quarter.
Our record now sits at 7-8, which is actually not that bad. Only two weeks ago we were sitting at the top of the league. It is going to be an up and down season, no reason to panic, as you will see all teams go through this cycle this year.
We’ve been readjusting a few things at training and hopefully that will help us win those close games. If you take out those 4th quarters, we have been playing really well, so no need to throw it all away and start again.
Tonight we take on the Gold Coast Blaze at home to start the winning streak.


One response to “Rough times

  1. Hi Darren, just a note to let you know that the children and I really enjoyed the match last Saturday night. I don’t think the kids have ever seen something as noisy and exciting. They were very lucky as all 3 of them managed to come home with a minibasket ball, and 36’s caps too. They especially loved the clap banners. The match was quite exciting too, especially at the point where the 36’s got ahead – I noticed you passed the ball to guy who shot the goal that got you (temporarily) ahead. I am sorry you were not able to maintain the lead. Besr wishes for the future, Dr Gabb

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