1st home game tomorrow

Tomorrow night is the 36ers first home game against the NZ Breakers. After a loss last week to Cairns, we are keen to make amends this week. It will be tough to contain the two NZ guards Kirk Penney and CJ Bruton who shot amazingly in round one. CJ had 8/9 three’s while Penney had 8/11. You can see more at the nbl site.

Tomorrow night also marks the retiring of 13-year 36er captain Brett Maher’s singlet. It will be unveiled before tip-off to hang next to Mark Davis’ #33 singlet in the rafters. Mahersy’s career has been phenomenal and I don’t need to go into detail of it on here. It should be well known, and if not, google it. He has been an absolute superstar in Australian basketball, someone I have looked up to.

Other things to look forward to:

  • The new ‘Hollywood’ seats at the Dome. These seats are right next to the bench, much like those seen in the NBA (Jack Nicholson anyone? Also those seen on Entourage for those who watch that series). Best seats in the house for sure. I think these seats are selling for around $550, so they are exclusive for sure. Look out for Dee Brown (ex-Boston Celtic and NBA dunk comp champ) to be sitting in them tomorrow night. He is in town conducting a clinic. Also, for those lucky few, some ticket holders will get an upgrade to these seats. Make sure you are at the game!
  • An LED screen at the Eastern end of the stadium. I just saw this today and it will show replays, etc. Should be better quality than the current projector screen we have.
  • A new merchandise stand at the main entrance. Look out for t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc.
  • Not only will Brett Maher’s singlet be retired, but the new signage for the Brett Maher Court will be unveiled. Not sure if people know what it is yet, but it is different to that of last year.
  • Of course, the new 36ers team. Many new faces, new management, new excitement.

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I hope it will be a huge crowd on Saturday. Tip-off at 7.30pm. Seeya there!

Oh and sorry for the long time between posts. Check out Hoops as a thankyou to the one who prodded me in the right direction to keep posting.


3 responses to “1st home game tomorrow

  1. Great to see your blog back in action… Hope the next update isn’t too long from now. Haha.

    All the best to the Adelaide 36ers this new season.

    And yup, all ur Singapore fans miss u here, as Jason said! 🙂

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