Game vs Satria Muda Britama

We just finished the game against Satria from Indonesia and it was a bit of a blow out 75-46 in our favour. We started the game off with a 10-0 run, Eric Sandrin scoring eight of those points. From there, Satria put up a good fight in the second quarter to be within 7 at half time. But we kicked it up a gear in the third quarter and quickly blew out the lead.

In my opinion, I don’t think Satria were up to the standard that we are at. Perhaps with a couple of imports they would have been more competitive, but we seemed to be able to control the game when we wanted to. Eric was able to dominate, finishing with 14 pts, Shane McDonald had some good outside shooting in the third quarter to finish with 13 pts.

I had a nice pass to Eric for an alley-oop to start the second quarter, if anyone has video, please post it.


The crowd was fairly good, probably ~2000-3000, a little slow to arrive, most people coming close to tip-off. There were also some Indonesian supporters in the crowd wearing Satria singlets, so that was good to see.

There’s a little bit of a break now til the next game on the 16th Dec against Darwin all-stars. They are the same team that we played in the Brunei tournament and won by one point both times. Hopefully it is a good contest.


17 responses to “Game vs Satria Muda Britama

  1. I have the video…will post it up on youtube shortly. Nice pass there, Darren! That play got the crowd into the game.

  2. Nice vid there, Mr Chia! Do you have the one on Darren’s block as well… towards the end of the second quarter?

  3. Also, do you have video of John Fitzgerald in the last quarter, where Pathman passed him a backdoor pass that went out of bounds? There was a pretty funny incident after that play where the ball hits the sign and bounces back into John’s face. 🙂

  4. While we’re at it. Something I never have seen in a game happened in our game. One of the Satria guys shooting a free-throw and missed, everyone stood still and he got the rebound and scored while everyone watched. A vid of that would be great.

  5. hi darren, the block you had was way above the rim 🙂

    i remember when the 36ers had come to play the slingers last season, during the pregame warmups you threw down a dunk or two 🙂

    could you throw one down for the crowd during the warmups at the next game? 🙂

  6. Sorry for not being able to go to the game and support because of the time clash with my JLPT. Glad to hear the good news, however. And congrats.

  7. I for one strongly voted that Slingers re join the NBL. Money is not an issue. Singapore is now out of Foxtel , out of publicity. Money well spent on advertising Singapore in prime time television if back to NBL. ABL would take ages to reach pro standard unless no 50% imports. Judging by interest only CBA and PBA has established crowds and Slingers ( around 2000!).
    Join a pro league and get another 10million on TV.

  8. Jack ee is right! The Slingers could play back in the NBL so we could keep the full current squad which is absolutely fabulous. And we could sign some good pinoy players to get the pinoy’s support.

  9. I don’t believe returning to the NBL is an option. The way the NBL is going to be restructured is to concentrate on developing basketball support in australia. I don’t think there is a place for the Slingers in that league.
    Also, they way things are going right now in the NBL, there may not be a NBL next season. Sydney almost folded mid-season and now I hear Cairns is folding as well. On top of this, the NBL wants to scale up the competition next year rather than scaling down. No idea how many teams will be able to meet the financial requirements next year.

  10. Yea…not sure what is going on in the NBL these days. Fortunately Slingers pulled out before the season otherwise they would be suffering the same problems as Spirit and Taipans. The spirit players had no choice but to take a pay cut and the team had waive their two imports.

    Hmmm, what do u propose Slingers should do, moh?

  11. With the financial crisis I hope each State in Oz comes up with one team only. May the fittest survive. Why 3 teams in Queensland? or 2 teams in NSW and Victoria? One quality team per State plus one National team per country from participating Asian countries (with provision to 50%imports to lift standard) should get an Asia Pacific NBL going.

  12. Gabriel, i’m not sure what more can be done. I think the slingers have tried so hard to do everything they possibly can do, but still the crowds just don’t turn up.

    Lets just look at the numbers – I believe in the first season, the average attendance was 1800, the second season it went up to 2400, thats an increase of 30%, if they had continued in the NBL, i think the average attendance would have been around 3000-3200 this season. With the exhibition series this season, the attendances have fluctuated so much, that it is hard to estimate what the average support is.

    The problem here is that the Slingers have to make a hard decision now. What is the entertainment product they want to provide? If they want to go back to a family friendly fun environment then the NBL is good, the crowd will be mostly expats with a slow local increase as more people start following the team. If they decide to stick with the filipino focus, then its going to be a more heated pinoy environment and the expat family crowd will be lost, also every game will be like an away game.

    I really think for the asian league to go forward, the NBA has to invest into it. The NBA has been looking to tap into the asian (mainly chinese) market for years. But for that to happen, the league has to have most of its franchises in china.

    Anyway, lets hope for the best, hopefully something will be announced soon

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